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Speed Shifter


M4O Speed Shifter, H/D shift cable, Bracket kit, Stickers and instructions

Optional shifter ball for handle available in red, blue or silver. Click here for shifter ball.

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Product Description

The M4O Speed Shifter was designed with rockcrawling in mind. After years of competing and wondering if I was going to get into reverse for those crazy saves, I finally decided that a new style shifter was a must. The M4O shifter is designed to go from any forward gear to reverse faster than the transmission can actually shift. The shifter has a park lockout which insures that it will stop in reverse every time. We have also incorporated a reverse lockout pin. this will allow the shifter to stop in neutral vs reverse. This option is good if you do not want to go into reverse, like racing for instance. Once you’ve hit your reverse or neutral lock out you lift the T-handle and then go into park. Finally there is a shifter that will get you into reverse without thinking. Just hit he lever and save the day.

Shifters available for these transmissions:

2004R, TH250, TH350, TH350C, TH400, 700R4, 4L60E, 4L80E, 4L85E, Power glide, AOD, C-4, C-6, Chrysler 727, Chrysler 904 and DIY universal kit. Have a different transmission? call us and check for availability.

TJ/YJ/XJ and RZR shifters coming soon!

Forward or Reverse shift patterns for all available shifters.
Shifter balls available separately at $39.95 – Red, Blue or Silver.
Transfer case levers available separately at $69.95/pair in 1/2-13 thread pitch. Direct fit to atlas t-case. sold as a pair.
Balls and transfer case levers are packaged with the shifters when purchased together.


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